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We’ve been using GP Automate since May. It has completely revolutionised our way of working. There is no longer a need for mundane tasks daily. Job satisfaction hasn’t been higher since COVID, and we can’t wait to trial EMIS tasks!

We want to do as much automation as possible. The more we can take away from GPs, clinical and administrative staff, the more we can focus on other things we want to achieve. We want to free up more staff time and improve patient care.

Although the figures show how much savings we have made, it actually translates to an immense amount of stress relief for me, which money can’t quantify. So, thanks a lot for that.

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Discover the flexibility of our competitive pricing options, thoughtfully tailored to align with your practice’s unique requirements and budget. At GP Automate, we go beyond pricing; we’re committed to matching our products precisely to your practice’s needs. 

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Patient Registrations

GP Automate loves the mundane, repetitive tasks you don’t. New patient registrations can now be automated with this new, intelligent digital solution, freeing up valuable hours for your practice teams. With features to safely register both adults and children, as well as intelligent messaging, you will wonder how you coped before GP Automate.

Normal Lab Reports

GP Automate removes the need for human input when processing normal Lab Reports. Patients are sent the results and their records are updated without you lifting a finger. Reports are filed and actioned with more speed and accuracy. What will you do with the extra hours in your day?

Chronic Disease Recalls

Save time and improve practice efficiency by automating Florey’s. GP Automate deals with the end-to-end process of Florey’s helping you meet QOF targets and save hours of practice time. The enhanced safety is designed to optimise patient workflows and improve clinical outcomes.


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