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Lab Reports Normal

Work smarter by automating your normal lab reports SMS patients their results and file in the notes with no human input.

GP Automate removes the need for human input when processing normal Lab Reports. Patients are sent the results and their records are updated without you lifting a finger. Reports are filed and actioned with more speed and accuracy. What will you do with the extra hours in your day?

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Automated normal lab results


Lab results actioned in 47 mins*


Error Rate

Quicker, safer and more accurate

Uses accuRx to inform patients of their results through simple and friendly terminology. No more SMS messages to those who haven’t consented.

Intelligent automation

Ignores abnormal “NORMAL results” eg. urine, radiology and many more.

Powerful workflows

Complex Hba1c and Vitamin D flows NDH algorithms to ensure patients offered Diabetic Prevention Programmes SNOMED coding.

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Reports Automated

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Hours Of Clinician Time Saved

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Up to 76% of all normal lab reports are processed daily with no human input.

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Lab Reports Abnormal

Utilizing advanced algorithms, this feature swiftly detects irregularities, ensuring that any deviations from the norm are promptly addressed. By automating the detection process, it reduces the risk of oversight and human error.